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Protective Screens for Office Social Distancing

Following the Covid-19 pandemic the importance of protecting employees and the wider community has become essential factors to consider within the workplace. With different government updates rolling out regularly, the guidelines have provided employers with the task of preparing working environments for its employees and customers to ensure that safety is a priority and the Covid-19 rate is down and stays down. Infection control screens are one factor amongst others which will help us transition back into a functioning economy and to ensure a safe working environment for its employees and customers.


Infection control screens can be used in; doctors surgeries, cafes, bars, beauticians, factories, offices, medical centres, education settings, retail settings and many more.

Protection screens also known as protective screen/s have become an increasingly essential addition to work spaces, offices and educational institutions. Protection screens serve as an effective way of enabling ‘safe working’ for all employees, a criteria set by the government to diminish the Covid-19 infection rate in the United Kingdom. Protection screens are a very effective way for safe office working to take place whilst reducing the spread of virus particles. The screens consist of a transparent piece of glass and or plastic, usually plastic, meaning the weight is typically light, this means the protective screens are simple to install and move after installation. Cost Cutters offer different screens in different sizes and thicknesses, fitting into any working space large or small. The free standing screens are on wheels so you can move them easily from meeting room to meeting room. The moveability allows for more collaboration between employees as they are not restricted to sit at one workstation.  Or if the office layout changes, the protective screens can adapt without your business incurring any extra costs!


The primary reason for installing protective screens to stop bacteria spread in your office or work space is for safety. Coronavirus has been extremely contagious, masks are mandatory pieces of clothing in England and the 2 metre rule has been introduced since March of last year, installing a protection screen to shield employees in the office, shows your business is up to date with government guidelines and more importantly, value the safety of employees and the wider community. Protecting your staff, also promotes economic benefits for your business. Happy and motivated staff who feel safe returning and coming into work means the morale is where it should be and productivity should work hand in hand with this. Creating a social but COVID-secure environment for staff after they have adopted the work from home lifestyle is essential, this is made possible through installing protection screens. Cost Cutters is one of the largest online screen guard UK suppliers, offering free spatial planning and consultations for businesses looking to create a COVID-secure working environment.

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