RUSHTONS DELI free boiler grant Overview of a free boiler grant

Overview of a free boiler grant

Is your boiler is old and expensive to run? Or it is completely outdated and broken? Are you spring for a new boiler that may be energy efficient and cause a reduction in energy bills. If you are struggling to find money to get the hot water working and heat p your living place, you have a choice to get a free boiler replacement. A free boiler may be an answer to your concerns. F you are entitled to a free boiler grant under the ECO scheme, you may get a new boiler that may be energy efficient and save your energy bills. You can save hundreds of pounds every year with a new energy efficient boiler. You will have to pay lesser bills and save a considerable amount.

You will reduce the carbon emission that is a good thing for this earth. The eco scheme stared in 2013, since the time people are looking for ways to get a grant. If you qualify for a free boiler grant, they may get a free boiler. If you are on specific benefits and meet the criteria, you may apply for the grant. You can get a free boiler.

Boiler grant

In 2013 the UK government started working on a new initiative for the energy-saving scheme that is termed as energy company obligation. We generally call it just ECO scheme. The programme helps low-income families who cannot afford to heat their homes adequately with their old, inefficient and outdated heating boiler by replacing the boilers and improving insulation.

You need to understand that the scheme is a grant or subsidy, not a loan. It means you will not need to pay the money back. Millions of households may benefit from this grant. You may also be one if you meet the criteria.

There is an eligibility criterion for the award. You have a complete an online form and check if you are eligible for a free boiler grant.  You can assess your eligibility for the purpose, and it takes just a few minutes to do so.  Your existing boiler should be t least five years old. You need to be a homeowner or a tenant receiving certain benefits. With all information, you may go for the process of a free boiler grant. Some services are offering assistance for the application process of a free boiler grant.