RUSHTONS DELI Solar Energy Majority of UK public want to install solar panels, poll finds

Majority of UK public want to install solar panels, poll finds

More than 70% of UK citizens would utilise the energy efficiency option should they receive the government’s support. According to a poll, over a half of British public would install solar panels with home batteries to tackle climate change that makes solar panels disadvantaged. This, of course, is if the government offers great help. Currently, many of these homeowners already have solar panels as an energy efficient option. Nevertheless, 62% of these said they wanted to fit solar and over 60% surprisingly would purchase an energy storage device as those sold by Tesla.

As per the survey by YouGov an even greater percentage, 71% to be precise would join a local energy scheme like a community wind farm or solar panel collective. The polls’ results come in at a time the government has an approach to climate change and energy, a plan that favours large-scale power generation such as nuclear plants and offshore wind farms. Of course, the UK public would prefer the more affordable and convenient solar energy schemes.

There has been no change in community energy projects in the face of government’s subsidy cuts and tax changes yet incentives for households solar will expire next year following a government’s proposal to end FiTs with no replacement. No support for people considering solar batteries is there.

James Thornton The CEO of environmental law group ClientEarth that commissioned the study, talked about a Government policy conflicting with the public sentiment as well as its own ambition to deal with climate change in regards to the energy sources. Mr Thornton added that people are looking into knowing more and take ownership of how they acquire their energy. This is most certainly, shown by the wide support in the poll for household and other community energy schemes.

Solar installers confirmed to the Guardian about the rise. They told the newspaper that more and more people are also opting for home solar batteries to accompany the solar installation. ClientEarth ranked solar as the most popular among all sources of energy after a survey. The study revealed that about 68% of the interviewed believed that the big six energy suppliers’ market dominance should be broken down to encourage the growth of smaller clean energy firms.

50% said they would avoid fossil fuel investments by moving their pensions. For the 18 to 34 years group, the percentage rose to 59. According to studies, solar is the most favourable energy source option with gas and coal being the least favourable. This, of course, corresponds to the fact that most UK citizens want to install. The solar home battery solution is being embraced by many who are now finding solar panels and batteries system to be a reliable home lighting option. Since this is clean energy, it is understandable how the number of people who want to install solar panels is rising.

Energy storage is also setting a strong pace. Not only households that are finding batteries a great idea but also big companies. Anglian Water purchased a 300-kWh storage system for example. Having solar battery is also contributing to more people considering solar panels.

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