RUSHTONS DELI Construction Cambodian YouTube stars build swimming pool around ‘secret house’

Cambodian YouTube stars build swimming pool around ‘secret house’

Building a swimming pool will require hours of time and labor with all the modern tools to work with. Owning a private pool might be the dream of most people but the cost, space and time could be a huge barrier to your dreams coming true. However, two Cambodian YouTube stars might have made a breakthrough in making this dream a reality.

A YouTube video recently went viral on social media that shows the two swimming pool builders who are friends emerging from a secret underground house. The video records the Do-It-Yourself experts showing how to make your own swimming pool in two weeks using nothing but primitive tools.

The two ingenious men from Cambodia recently renounced modern technology proving primitive tools can be used to create a stroke of genius. The two YouTube stars who boast a wide following on their YouTube channel, built a swimming pool around a secret underground house without modern machinery relying only on each other; a task that was wholly achieved in two weeks. The pair has been uploading their remarkable works on YouTube since 2015 but this project has surprised many.

They start off the project by digging a big hole in a rectangular shape aided only by rudimentary tools. The purpose of the hole is to create room for their underground bunker. The house is made with logs driven into space. The secret underground house is roofed and sealed using clay and burning with fire. They proceed to create the swimming pool which they start by placing slabs from a mixture of sand and mud collected from a local river. The slabs are burned over the fire to make them hard enough to hold the swimming pool water. Typically, swimming pools require tiles and the men include this important aspect by forming the slabs using a fundamental frame. The men then create a tiny path over the pool using bamboo sticks. This acts as a bridge connecting the mainland to the underground house. The bridge comprises two arched branch foundations and smaller sticks. The two men proceed to place more slabs on the outside after filling in the swimming pool. They complete the endeavor by creating a stone wall around the swimming pool and an archway to act as an entrance after which they take a totally deserved deep in their new pool.

This whole project is broadcasted in the two men’s YouTube channel that has over 2.5 million subscribers. The video was initially posted in June and has since attracted about 90 million views. The YouTube channel is called “The Primitive Survival Tool”. The video was reposted some days ago and has already attracted more than 100,000 views. The two young men have established more popular structures including an underground hideout, a Roman temple, and a traditional house. These Cambodian YouTube stars hope to demonstrate how primitive tools could be used for an amazing structure as this.

Modern technology has made an important impact on our daily lives and most of us solely depend on it. Nonetheless, it could be worthwhile to update your survival skills through watching works of art such as the project set up by the mentioned Cambodian YouTube stars. The men have defied the odds by making extraordinary projects with no help from modern technology

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